Flight Trails
1840 1850 1'1 3'2 abandoned addison anchor plate android photography aqueduct arachnology architecture argia apicalis baby's breath barge barn beetle bloomery gap blue fronted dancer boat bokeh bridge bridges broken bug bugs butterfly cactus canal car cattle cemetery chesapeake and ohio canal city classic classic car close up coliadinae cows creek cresson damselfly dandelion seeds decay decorative delaney's dianthus armeria endangered subspecies exploration explore exploring farm equipment flies garage geological get low giftshop globe graffiti grafitti grass pink grasshopper grime gypsophila hand well pump hdr headstone high history house hydrant ice insect iron furnace irony jewel weed karner blue lepidopterology leucauge venusta liberty bridge light trails lights limenitis arthemis lock lock 73 lock 74 lock bridge locks long exposure look down lycaeides melissa samuelis macro maryland mattress factory minetta spring motel motion mountain bike nature nature always wins nest night shot nikon photography oldtown orchard orbweaver overgrown panoramic panther hollow bridge parkway center mall paw paw paw paw tunnel pennsylvania piano pittsburgh potd potomac potomac river prickly pear rail red spotted purple redbud run river riverside rotting ruins rurex rust rusty sculpture service station ship shipwreck sign signs skyline skylinepittsburgh skyscrapers snow spider spiderweb spillway stable stairs statue stitched image stream strobe sulphur sunlight survey swimming hole third battle of winchester toilet town creek aqueduct traffic train train tracks trestle trough tunnel underground urban urban decay urbex virginia wabash wabash falls wabash tunnel wagon wheel water water pump waterfall web weird west virginia wildflower winchester winter wireframe yellow zelienople
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